Commit to Fitness in 2019!

It’s the start of a new year, a time when many of us make resolutions to get a fresh start and recommit to a healthy lifestyle. At the TT1 Foundation, supporting fitness, health, and well-being are core to our purpose, so we would like to share a list of tips for optimizing fitness and well-being while managing type 1.   Here’s our list:

1-   Commit to making small changes that are achievable, meaningful, and something you want to do.  Forget making big, broad resolutions which are made often only to be broken.

2-   Strive for fitness both for sports/exercise performance and for health. Think about aspects of your lifestyle, what you do well, and what you can do to notch up your level of fitness:
·     Is it focusing on specific exercise goals to increase strength, flexibility or endurance?
·     Is it improving nutrition for better fueling, impacting body composition, enhancing recovery, or increasing glucose time in range?
·      Is it focusing on relaxation or improving sleep for better recovery and more vitality?

3-   Be mindful and keep track of your data.   Committing to tracking information, even using apps and devices to log, takes some commitment. However, putting exercise, nutrition, insulin and glucose data together can offer powerful insights.

4-   Envision success and focus on what’s going well. Believe in what’s possible with diabetes!

-Charlotte Hayes, RD, CDE