371 Million People worldwide are affected by diabetes

We fight for the RIGHT TO LIVE and for equal access to medication, education and empowerment among people affected by diabetes.

Team Type 1 (TT1) is an organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, striving to instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes. 


TT1 is Advocating for Government Solutions

that will ensure sustainable access to medicine and tools for people with diabetes.


In 2011, TT1 returned to Rwanda as defending champions of the Tour of Rwanda. In 2012, TT1 got second-place with a cyclist who has Type 1 diabetes, and today he is racing for the professional cycling team.

TT1 is collaborating with the Rwanda Diabetes Association and the Ministry of Health. In 2012, CEO of TT1 Phil Southerland and Biljana Southerland interacted with children who have Type 1 diabetes at a NCD event in Kigali – many of whom were suffering from complications with the disease. Phil and Biljana met representatives from the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and presented them with the Macedonian model of providing diabetes supplies. “We hope to give children with diabetes a chance of quality life that they truly deserve.”